Avoid Car Theft With An Attention-Grabbing Paint Job

Avoid Getting Your Car Stolen with an Attention Grabbing Paint Job

When you buy a car, you want it to look good, but you can also make it less liable to be stolen. Turns out attention-grabbing colours can deter thieves.

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You don't have to paint your car to look like a cat or something ridiculous, but opting for a yellow, green (or) especially pink car can greatly reduce the risk of a thief stealing your car, compared to a black, blue or silver model. The reason? The more "normal" colours sell better. And no car thief wants to be seen cruising around in a stolen pink sedan. As research site Vox explains:

In line with the above prediction, the three most common colours — black, blue, and silver/grey — are stolen more frequently than the uncommon colours. Pink is the perfect deterrent: none of the 109 pink cars (aged up to three years) have been stolen over the last few years.

A brightly-coloured car may not be in line with your personal preferences (social stigmas, whether justified or not, don't just affect car thieves), but if you have the option, a less typical and more attention-grabbing colour may help keep you out of a car thief's crosshairs.

Car thieves: Not too bright, please! [via Cracked]


    I had a fluorescent orange car stolen.

      They will steal any color car they want, usually its because they want the parts and not the car itself so the color is irrelevant.

        Yes but stealing a pink car means the other car thieves will laugh at them.......

      Haha, might I ask why the colour choice?

    does not matter what colour the car is.

    I have heard of cars being stolen using a truck.

    They drag it onto the truck (no amount of anti theft thech could prevent it) drive it over to a warehouse or garage and strip it down in the matter of a few hours.

    I do know a few cases where the car has been shipped overseas to be resold.

    in the end it depends on the type of thief.

      That's how mine was stolen. It had clublock, alarm, 4 imobilisers, covered & parked in but they just dragged it onto a truck & took off with it. The car was too unique to ever be resold but was worth a packet in parts.

    I wish someone would steal my car, but it seems no one wants it

    I once had a mustard coloured Holden Commodore, and have to admit that when i came to sell it, I wished someone would steal it. But whenever i see them around I cant help but trying to see if it was my old one

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