Avoid Car Theft With An Attention-Grabbing Paint Job

Avoid Car Theft With An Attention-Grabbing Paint Job

When you buy a car, you want it to look good, but you can also make it less liable to be stolen. Turns out attention-grabbing colours can deter thieves.

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You don’t have to paint your car to look like a cat or something ridiculous, but opting for a yellow, green (or) especially pink car can greatly reduce the risk of a thief stealing your car, compared to a black, blue or silver model. The reason? The more “normal” colours sell better. And no car thief wants to be seen cruising around in a stolen pink sedan. As research site Vox explains:

In line with the above prediction, the three most common colours — black, blue, and silver/grey — are stolen more frequently than the uncommon colours. Pink is the perfect deterrent: none of the 109 pink cars (aged up to three years) have been stolen over the last few years.

A brightly-coloured car may not be in line with your personal preferences (social stigmas, whether justified or not, don’t just affect car thieves), but if you have the option, a less typical and more attention-grabbing colour may help keep you out of a car thief’s crosshairs.

Car thieves: Not too bright, please! [via Cracked]


  • does not matter what colour the car is.

    I have heard of cars being stolen using a truck.

    They drag it onto the truck (no amount of anti theft thech could prevent it) drive it over to a warehouse or garage and strip it down in the matter of a few hours.

    I do know a few cases where the car has been shipped overseas to be resold.

    in the end it depends on the type of thief.

    • That’s how mine was stolen. It had clublock, alarm, 4 imobilisers, covered & parked in but they just dragged it onto a truck & took off with it. The car was too unique to ever be resold but was worth a packet in parts.

  • I once had a mustard coloured Holden Commodore, and have to admit that when i came to sell it, I wished someone would steal it. But whenever i see them around I cant help but trying to see if it was my old one

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