Authy Is A PIN-Protected Manager For Two-Factor Authentication

Android/iOS: Two-factor authentication is a feature that you should probably enable on every service that offers it. While Google has the handy Authenticator app, Authy improves on it in almost every way.

Two-factor authentication is a great way to keep your account secure. However, using apps such as Google Authenticator mean that you can only access your confirmation codes via your phone. No other devices can check it. Authy syncs your authentication account to other devices, so you can get the six-digit authentication code from your tablet or PC.

Perhaps the most important feature, however, is that Authy allows you to PIN-protect the app itself. If, for example, someone were to gain access to your phone or computer that had your password saved on it, there's nothing stopping someone from opening up Authenticator and entering in the authentication code. Authy ensures the user enters a 4-digit PIN before they can access your two-factor tokens.

As an added bonus, Authy allows you to manage two-factor authentications from a variety of different services, including those that don't use Google Authenticator, or ones that strictly use SMS tokens. The service is a solid enhancement to two-factor authentication. Just be sure to examine your use cases carefully. While you can sync accounts across devices, that may not be the best idea if you share a tablet or leave it unattended very often.

Authy [Google Play Store] Authy [iTunes App Store]


    Interesting. Thanks for this. My only concern is what access the developer of Authy might have to your accounts, but perhaps that concern is without foundation.

    Check our SAT Mobile ID: Enables Keyless 2-Factor Auth to any application on any device... Window/iOS/Android

      I tried to look at your site, but choked on marketing-speak before I could get in far enough to see the details.

    I like the fact that Authy is PIN protected. But I worry about somebody learning that PIN. Maybe they should require you to enter your PIN and a Google Authenticator code to gain access to Authy.

      Authy is a replacement for Google Authenticator. And is useless without your actual (Google/Facebook/whatever) logins.

        I think you missed the circular logic in... CircularLogic's post.

    If you're looking for a Google Auth alternative, it doesn't get better than Authenticator Plus.

      It looks nice, but I'll be damned if I'm handing my 2FA data to a tool for which I can't see the source.

      Last edited 22/07/14 2:04 pm

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