Ask LH: What Happens Now Crazy John’s Has Killed Off My Plan?

Ask LH: What Happens Now Crazy John’s Has Killed Off My Plan?

Hey Lifehacker, I just learned that Vodafone plan to stop offering all Crazy Johns plans in September. I’ve been offered a new deal but it’s nowhere near as good as the shared plan I have currently. Nothing Vodafone offers that is incentive enough to switch and go on a contract. But if I don’t change before the switch-off, will I be “rolled over” automatically? Thanks, Crazy John’s Best Friend

Dear CJBF,

After Vodafone announced that it was retiring the Crazy John’s brand and shutting down all its stores last February, it was inevitable that the existing customers on those plans would eventually be asked to move to new Vodafone offerings. That has now happened: Vodafone is giving existing customers until 30 September to make the switch. It says it will offer specific plans to individual customers, so if you haven’t received such an offer, it’s arguably worth waiting until you do.

If none of the offers available appeal to you, then your only recourse is to try and find something suitable with another carrier. Unfortunately in your situation, you’ll struggle to find a similar plan: Crazy John’s was the only provider offering shared deals.

[related title=”THE CJ’S STORY” tag=”johns-tips” items=”1″]However, if you want to keep your current number, you’ll need to choose a new plan and make sure you shift to that carrier before 30 September. (We’d advise doing so at least a week before, as number porting can take time.) One good option might be to go for a prepaid plan, so you’re not stuck with a long-term deal.)

If you don’t sign up to a new deal — whether with Vodafone or someone else — you won’t be automatically rolled onto another contract: your number will simply stop working. So you’re not at risk of being signed to a deal you don’t like, but you are at risk of not having a working phone and potentially losing your number.


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  • Don’t optus and telstra offer a shared plan for a nominal extra fee?

    Of course the plan cost isn’t likely to be comparable…

    • Optus offer a shared plan for data only. You can get a 2nd SIM card on all of their new plans for a one-off $5 (no additional monthly costs), where your data allowance is shared between the 2. But no phone/text on the 2nd SIM.

    • Telstra did have business grade plans available which would share call value across SIMs on the same account, I presume those are still available, but they’re business accounts so you need an ABN to get access to them.

  • Vodafone offering special plans for customers to move across to Vodafone.

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