Ask LH: Can I Lose My Licence For Interstate Infringements?

Hi Lifehacker, my son has a red P plate NSW licence and was booked doing 9km over the speed limit in Western Australia. He was obeying Western Australia P plate laws (which don’t impose a speed limit), but was over the 90km/h speed limit that applies in NSW. Does that mean he will lose his licence in NSW? Thanks, Concerned Mum

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Dear CM,

Unfortunately, the conditions of your son’s licence still apply when he is driving in other states and territories. If his licence forbids him from exceeding 90kmph in NSW, he is required to stay under 90kmph in all parts of Australia.

Does this mean your son will have his licence revoked? It depends on how fast he was going and how thorough the debt recovery agents are when issuing the penalty. In Western Australia, traffic fines are handled by the police’s Infringement Management and Operations department. If your son is lucky, they may overlook the additional speeding restriction that applies to his NSW licence, which could result in a lesser penalty.

In any event, NSW P1 licence holders have their licence suspended for at least three months for any speeding offence. So no matter what happens, your son is going to be bumming lifts for a while. (Make sure he pays for petrol!)


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