Add A Power Tool Holster To Your Ladder To Prevent Falling Tools

When you're using power tools on a ladder at home, the last thing you want to do is have one fall and hit someone below. Instead of creating a hazard by setting it on top, add a holster to the side of your ladder for safer storage. shows you how you can add a simple holster made from some PVC pipe. Find some 4" pipe and drill a small hole through the side and through an upper part of your ladder, then attach with a bolt. Now when you climb up there you have your power tool within reach, and it's a lot less likely to fall.

Note that you should only do this to your ladder at home. Altering tools can lead to fines on a job site. If you can't alter your ladder, consider a ladder with a built-in hole that offers the same convenience.

How To Make a Tool Holster and Attach It to Your Ladder [YouTube via Build]


    Didn't work, I still fell off.

    Not sure drilling bolt holes in a ladder is the smartest thing to do... Maybe a couple of rivets instead, one at top and one at bottom so you can still get to 'em with the rivet gun..!

    Last edited 20/07/14 10:03 am

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