You Can Now Get Domino’s ‘Cheaper Tuesdays’ Prices Every Day Of The Week

You Can Now Get Domino’s ‘Cheaper Tuesdays’ Prices Every Day Of The Week

For the past eight years, Tuesdays has become synonymous with “pizza night” thanks to Domino’s stupidly inexpensive Cheaper Tuesdays deal. From 27 June, rotund cheapskates will be able to indulge their $4.95 pizza cravings every day of the week. Hurrah! There is, however, a slight catch.

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The ‘Cheaper Every Day’ deal is Domino’s latest attempt to corner as much of the pizza market as possible. As its name suggests, the deal allows customers to purchase $4.95 value pizzas every day of the week. (Last year, the Cheaper Tuesdays deal was extended to Mondays, but this is the first time it has been available all week.)

“Pizza is a social food that brings people together so it’s important that great value is offered to our customers during peak pizza eating times,” Domino’s boss gushed in a statement announcing the move.

Crucially, this includes Friday and Saturday nights, which have typically been discount-free zones. Domino’s has also vowed that the quality of its ingredients won’t be compromised at any stage during the promotion. Doubtlessly, some would argue that’s not really saying much.

So what’s the catch? As before, the deal is only available for pickup orders which means you’re forced to trudge into an actual store. Tch.

At present, delivery orders are slightly cheaper on Tuesdays provided you reach the minimum order amount. Whether this will extend to the new promotion remains to be seen. [Update: Domino’s has confirmed that the Cheaper Every Day deal will not affect current delivery prices. Phew.]


  • Meh…. their pizzas taste like shit anyway.

    Once I had Crust I’ve never looked back. It may cost more but it’s worth it!

    • x2, every time the price tempts me, I regret it and wish I paid 4x as much for a crust pizza. Plus for some reason I don’t even find Dominos or Pizza Hut filling. I have to eat a whole dominos or Pizza Hut, or I can eat half a decent pizza and be full.

      • Same thing here.
        I find that with most fast food nowadays – it tends not fill me, whereas I get a local or home made burger, and I’m full half way through the burger.
        My missus says it’s because we use ‘real’ food when we make a burger, not processed food. Whatever the reason, I tend to avoid them nowadays (fast food places, not the missus)

    • Crust is way too salty and expensive. A local pizzeria will most likely be better.

      • Agreed, Crust was pushing it in price for something thats still ‘fast food’.
        Nothing beats a local pizzeria.
        But then again, I think this is based towards people who are simply just trying to get by cheap.

  • So finally they’re charging what the pizzas are worth…or would be if they gave it away for nothing

  • I don’t think they’re making any money on this. about 10 years ago when i worked in a Dominos store, the owner explained to me that *cost* to him usually worked out to be about $4.50 / pizza. (this was before they introduced the new “types”)…. i’d have to assume wages have increased somewhat in 10 years… also, the cheese and other ingredients were always increasing in price while i was there… The cost of that same pizza hasn’t really changed much in 10 years tho.. (most ppl use vouchers/etc ) I assume Domino’s are making money on the up-sell / premium products.

    Comparing Domino’s to higher quality/ higher cost pizza is really a dumb argument. If you pay $5 for pizza,.. you’re probably going to get a “$5 pizza”. Compare this to your $6.80 beer, or $10 subway sandwich,.. doesn’t seem like bad value for the money.

    • That’s not true at all. Just think about the pizza ingredients: tomato sauce, cheese, dough, toppings. At most, you’re looking at 2 bucks for a large pizza. They may not be making much after advertising, labor, and fixed costs, but they definitely making money. But that’s not really the point. Promotions like this are always there to draw you in and buy higher margin items such as drinks, wings, etc, much like how gas is not a high margin product but gas stations make tons of money selling snacks, sodas, etc.

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