Yasu Cleans Up Mac OS X And Fixes Glitches

Yasu Cleans Up Mac OS X and Fixes Glitches

Mac: While OS X has a reputation for being more stable than other desktop operating systems, it still has problems at times. If your Mac has some glitches, running Yasu is a good first step.

Yasu is a free, portable tool that cleans several aspects of your OS X installation. Items covered include:

  • Daily/weekly/monthly cron scripts
  • Reset system permissions
  • Reset home permissions
  • Clear cache (system, local, user, fonts)
  • Reset launch services
  • Clear swap files
  • Clear browser cache, history, bookmarks, cookies, downloads
  • Clear logs (system, application, archive, crash, error)

I tried Yasu on an old MacBook Pro that was running slow and had several glitches, such as slow boot times and file association errors. It took 15-20 minutes to run but boot time was significantly faster after that, as was the overall performance of the MacBook.

Generally speaking, none of these clean-ups is going to harm your Mac, but you might lose some settings or data that you have saved. So it's best to know what each action in Yasu does. The MakeUseOf article below explains this in detail, so check it out.

Yasu (Free) [via MakeUseOf]


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