WeSpeke Lets You Practise Languages By Speaking With Another Person

When you're learning another language, the best way to drill it into your brain is immersion and practising at every opportunity. WeSpeke gives you plenty of both by pairing you up with a partner to practise speaking the language out loud on a video call.

The service lets you choose to be either a learner or instructor and then identifies your interests. This way, when you get paired up with someone, you have some established topics of conversation already. The software is also more than a typical video chat. There are buttons to easily indicate to the other person that they need to repeat a phrase, slow down, or rephrase something. It even shows what the topic of conversation is in each person's native language to minimise confusion.

WeSpeke [via MakeUseOf]


    Hello everybody,

    I' m Phuong, from Vietnam. Nice to know all of you.

      vietnam? which region are you living? can you say something about you?

    To speak to native english by english, what do I have to do?

    dont know how to use this? anyone can help?

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