Wash Baseball Caps And Thongs In Your Dishwasher

Wash Baseball Caps, Flip Flops, and Rain Boots in Your Dishwasher

Your dishwasher is a great help in the kitchen, but it can be put to many more uses than just cleaning plates and saucepans. Real Simple suggests a few other items you can clean.

Photo by Andrea Castelli

You can pop baseball caps in your dishwasher to get them cleaned with a minimum of fuss. And, if you're tired of scrubbing footwear by hand, let the machine do the work:

Rain boots should have the liners removed and lie horizontally. Hook flip-flops on tines in the top rack. (FYI, Crocs are not dishwasher-safe.)

It's not just clothing, either. If you ever need to wash a large number of potatoes, you dishwasher can help with that too. Just fill up the top shelf of the washer and run a cycle — just don't use any detergent!

Surprising Uses for Your Dishwasher [Real Simple]


    Why the hell would you wash shoes and thongs in the same appliance you use to wash the things you eat with??

      Exactly what I was thinking!

      Why not just use your regular washing machine?

    You can also wash the toilet seat, toilet brush and all those toys in the 3rd draw of your bedside table (you know the ones)

    But there is not way in hell in putting those things in the same machine that washes what I eat off

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