Visualise How You Interact With Your PC With WhatPulse

Visualise How You Interact With Your PC With WhatPulse

System monitoring tools come in all sorts of flavours, but there are few around that do it all. WhatPulse, available for Windows, OS X and Linux, allows you to track pretty much everything about your activities, from keystrokes and mouse clicks, to network activity and bandwidth utilisation.

WhatPulse requires you to sign up for a free account, either by typing in a username and password or via Facebook. You’ll then have the opportunity to tweak its options, including what it should track and how often data should be sent to the developer’s servers.

Perhaps the program’s most interesting feature is the mouse heatmap (pictured above), under the Input tab. It shows you where your mouse inputs are going and while its usefulness is debatable, it’s a strangely fascinating metric to have access to.

Oddly, the “Applications” section under the Network tab failed to show anything after a few hours of monitoring, despite heavy Chrome usage.

By default, the program uploads your data (in “pulses”, hence the app’s name), though this can be disabled by toggling the “Work offline” checkbox in the application’s settings. My first concern would be the fact your keystrokes are tracked, opening the potential for passwords to be captured, so if you’re the paranoid type, WhatPulse is not for you.

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