Use The 20 Second Rule To Stop Procrastinating

There are plenty of methods you can use to stop procrastinating and get important tasks done. The 20 second rule applies some interesting personal psychology to keep you on track.

US psychologist Shawn Achor came up with the 20 second rule when, according to Fulfillment Daily he found himself not reading enough, instead turning to the TV most of the time.

His solution involved removing the batteries from his TV remote, but not because he was going to hide them away forever. Instead, he placed the batteries in a drawer in his bedroom, so that it would take him 20 seconds to get them and put them in his TV remote. This made reading a book the "easier" option, and he found himself switching to his desired reading task more frequently.

The idea then becomes designing your environment around you — a task that will probably take you more than 20 seconds — so that distracting activities take just a little bit of time to actually engage in. As such, the inconvenience is what will pop into your brain, and you should remain more focused on the work you should be doing.

The 20-Second Rule To Ending Procrastination [Fulfillment Daily]


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