Google Now Adds Alarms For Your Stop On Public Transport

Google Now Adds Alarms For Your Stop on Public Transit

Android: If you didn't already think Google Now was pretty awesome, here's yet another reason to love it. Google Now can sound an alarm when you get close to your stop while riding on public transport.

You won't be able to completely rely on this service, since trains can be delayed and GPS tracking won't work in freeway tunnels — nothing beats being aware of your surroundings. But if you want a little extra nudge, Google Now can give you a nudge when you're close.

Google Now Has An Alarm That Can Wake You Up To Keep You From Missing Your Stop On Public Transportation [Android Police]


    If only we could get public transport information for Victoria...

    Agreed. It works so sublimely in Canberra.

    There was an announcement buried somewhere about how with the updates to some of the PTV systems, they will be soon be providing the info streams to Google. "Soon" of course could mean anything. If I can dig the info up I'll post it here.

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