Turn A Raspberry Pi Into A Bluetooth Receiver For Your Car Stereo

If you have an older car without Bluetooth built into it, it's an expensive upgrade to add. Redditor parkerlreed decided to create his own system using a Raspberry Pi.

The setup here does exactly what you'd expect. When the car is started, the Raspberry Pi boots up and automatically becomes a Bluetooth receiver. That connects to the car's auxiliary input, and then you can then play audio from your phone. It's a clever little workaround to add Bluetooth to almost any car as long as it has an auxiliary input. Head over to Reddit for the guide.

I made my Pi an in-car bluetooth audio reciever [Reddit via Hack a Day]


    Or you could just buy a bluetooth adaptor on eBay for like $10...

    Or just plug a 3.5mm cable into your phone's output jack. I guess I'm just cheap?

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