Turn A Crate Into A Bike Rack And Shelf

Turn A Crate Into A Bike Rack And Shelf

If you have a wooden crate available, you can make a nifty bike holder complete with a shelf for your helmet or other stuff.

The picture above, posted by Kelli B, pretty much says it all. (If you’re concerned about scratches from the wood, you could probably just cover the holes with some foam or other soft material.)

Kelli B bike shelf [Sightline Daily via Homedit]


  • All these “niffty” bike holders have 2 things in common
    1: they require you to bolt something to the wall (so not useful for renters)
    2: they seem to thing we have access to material that very few people have access to and of course a work shop / tools to work on them

    Why not just go and buy a purpose build bike holder.

      • …. My complaint was about being allowed to drill into walls (that you don’t own) and having access to enough space to be-able to build it

        What makes you think I am not personalty capable of doing it if I had the room and permission?

  • Because owning a bike these days isn’t about riding, saving money, or getting fit. It’s about showing off to your friends how cool/hipster/enviro you are.

    • You are the only other first name basis username I have seen anywhere between here and the other affiliate sites, pleasure!
      Anyway, yes. I agree. Damn hipsters, Who has that much room to spare a bike rack like that? Whats wrong with leaning your bike against the wall and hanging the helmet from the handlebar. Thats how my bikes have survived the last 30 years.

      • I have mine hanging from a purpose bought rack above my workbench in my garage…. but then also have 4 other bikes in the garage too (two hanging from the roof on pullies and two that are actually working atm 🙂 )

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