Transform Your Balcony Into A Private Outdoor Dining Area

Al fresco dining is a great way to enjoy the good weather. Engineer Your Space has a great DIY project that shows how you can transform your balcony into the perfect private dining space.

You may have a great outdoor space, but if you're overlooked by neighbours, this is an easy way to make it a little more secluded. All you need is a few pine boards, screws, wood stain, furring strip and a cushion. If you don't like the look of the wooden panelling edging your balcony, you could grow plants and vines for added appeal.

Check out the video for full instructions and details of the materials and tools you'll need.

How to Create an Outdoor Balcony Dining Area [Engineer Your Space via Instructables]


    Pretty sure most body corporates would have something to say about that.

    Get me some 'Furring Strips', stat. Ha, ha. Although I guess it's no more ridiculous than 'rougher header'.

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