This Video Is Everything You Need To Know About Steak Cuts

You've probably seen a number of names and descriptions for various cuts of beef at the supermarket or at your favourite restaurant. This video from Pat LaFrieda explains every "steak" you'll likely see, where they come from, what they look like and what they're good for, in one fell swoop.

LaFrieda explains where you'll find the various cuts of beef and what you can use them for at home. Perhaps most useful is that you get to see what they look like, so you'll be able to identify them easily at the supermarket.

Pat LaFrieda's Steaks 101 [YouTube via Digg]


    Australian cuts are often quite different from USA cuts.

    I'm pretty sure Alan Henry is one of the US writers for Lifehacker. In which case, I just want to warn you all that we cut our cows up in very different ways to the americans - ignore this video, just go look it up on wikipedia or somewhere that lists the differences between countries.

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