The Renaissance Desktop

The Renaissance Desktop

Flickr user AFGDesign has an awesome workspace and an awesome desktop for this Windows machine. Here's how he set it all up, and what you need to duplicate it at home.

This isn't AFGDesign's only desktop, and we might highlight some of his others in the future, but we loved this one, especially the wallpaper. It's busy, but it's also creative. Kind of makes us want to get to work just by looking at it. Anyway, here's what you'll need to make your Windows machine look like this:

This is the first desktop we've seen in a while for Windows that doesn't require Rainmeter or another similar theming or monitoring engine, but it still looks great. If you're curious how he set his up, or you can't get the components working properly, head over to his Flickr page, linked below, to ask your questions. Let him know we sent you, and how much you love his work!

AFGDesign Desktop 05.2014


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