The Minimal Academic Desktop

The Minimal Academic Desktop

Reader sgosp3 wanted a desktop that was minimal and helped him focus on his research work. He built this Windows desktop so he has plenty of space to work, and the right tools easily in reach. Here's how he did it.

It looks deceptively clean, but there are lots of shortcuts to all of his academic tools right at the top, where he needs them. Here's what you'll need if you want to make this custom desktop yourself:

sgosp3 noted that the search bars can be each configured for commonly-used research databases, like your institution's library OPAC, and he uses the timers to keep him on task and schedule his breaks. The design keeps everything nice and clean so there's plenty of room to work.

Dark Minimal Academic [sgosp3]


    Looks like the average [Z]buntu (Z in [L, Ed, K, X etc]) or Mint desktop (esp if running Gnome instead of Unity [#UnitySucksDonkeyBalls]).

    Plus, if running Ubuntu, you don't have to set aside a gig of download capacity every month to cope with Microsludge "updates" (update is Redmond-speak for "Bits of code we ought to have had finished when we launched thius dreck, but didn't: if you don't install these your system will be an open platform to any tech-literate 12 year old anywhere on the planet. Oh and by the way, we're handing everything you do to the NSA."

    That said: screw 'minimalists' - you will notice that pretty much every minimalist is a brand-obsessed jerkburger... you'll never see any of them touting how they have $4 CostCo t-shirts, a $10 windbreaker, or a non-iCult notebook.

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