The Lava Lamp Workspace

The Lava Lamp Workspace

Lava lamps aren't just novel relics of the '60s and '70s. Lined up in a colourful collection, they can be pretty neat office accessories, setting a tranquil mood.

Lava lamps aside, Flickr user myelin8's home office is nicely set up, with all black furniture and hardware, as well a lots of (IKEA Galant) desk space to spread out. The floor alone is gorgeous.

Home Office 2014 [Flickr]


    I can see 19 lava lamps, each presumably powered by a 40W incandescent bulb. That's 760 watts for the sake of a tranquil mood. Enjoy your power bill and warmer planet.

      You forgot the column heater in the corner as well. With that many lamps I wonder if it is still required?

    Anyone else notice the cat on the chair?

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