The Latest Version Of WordPress Tames Copy-Pasted Word Text

Anyone who has every copied and pasted from Word into WordPress (or any browser textbox for that matter), is familiar with the... interesting way the resulting text looks. WordPress, as of version 3.9, deals with this for you automatically — along with several other handy improvements.

Marko Heijnen of Six Revisions has put together a concise list — animations included — showing off the major improvements in the blog platform's latest version. 3.9 comes with a raft of media-related features, but it's the smaller tweaks — such as the auto-cleansing of Word text — that make it worth the upgrade.

I tend to use the HTML editor rather than the visual one in my WordPress installs, but if you (or your site users) are attached to WYSIWYG, this functionality alone is worth its weight in bitcoins.

3.9 also introduces live previewing of widgets, so you can see how they'll look on your site before the changes are saved.

Exciting Improvements in WordPress 3.9 [Six Revisions]


    I recently had to rebuild a medium-size site in WordPress almost from scratch. Much of the material came from a large Word file (tertiary college course handbook) and previously I've had to rely on a set of tricky macros to clean up and standardise the text.

    Then I discovered the new Word-cleanup feature in the visual editor. Now it really is as easy as copy and paste to get a good result in the editor. It works really well and it cut the rebuild time by at least half. Thanks WP!

    The feature works for any text that may have formatting behind it. But WP has had this feature for ages, but it wasn't quite so easy to use.

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