Take Your Dog To Work Today To Lower Your Stress

It's International Take Your Dog To Work Day today, which means that your office can be a happier, less stressed out (but possibly a little smellier) environment.

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Take Your Dog To Work Day started in 1999 as a way to "celebrate the great companions dogs make and encourage their adoptions from local shelters, rescue groups and humane societies", and encourages employers to "experience the joy of pets in the workplace on this special day and support their local pet community."

It's not just a question of letting those with hounds have a few minutes of slobber time on a lazy Friday, either. Studies have shown that having a dog at work can significantly reduce stress and increase worker satisfaction.

If you're more of a cat person (or a fish, snake, iguana or stick insect person), then you're still in luck, as the entire week is Take Your Pet To Work Week. So go on. Admit it. Wouldn't you feel a little happier right now with your best furry friend to hand to pat on the head?

Oh yes you would. Oh yes you would. Who's a good little cubicle chum?

Take Your Dog To Work Day [TakeYourDog]


    You right! My dog would love to come to a sewerage treatment plant today with me!

    Haku, my blue tongue lizard, is a usual guest at both my (a warehouse) and my wife's (childcare centre) work though he prefers her work since he gets a lot more attention there haha

    People taking their dogs to work would reduce my stress level, because I would be packing up and outta there, paid, until the pets are gone. Woo, holiday! Because FUCK working with peoples' pets around.

    It's bad enough when someone brings a baby in and all productivity grinds to a halt. Maybe after the novelty wears off things might get done, but who the hell is expecting a dog to sit quietly while you work when you bring them into a new environment which is full of new and exciting smells and OTHER DOGS?

    Quite possibly the worst idea I can imagine, and that's even if ambivalent about animals.

      Be great for everyone allergic to pet hair.

      Take your dog to work to lower stress, but to raise fellow work colleagues' stress. Once upon a time people went to work to work, now it seems bringing personal baggage is added!

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