Simmer Your Favourite Spices In Water For An Easy, Cheap Air Freshener

Simmer Your Favourite Spices in Water for an Easy, Cheap Air Freshener

After a long day of cooking or a batch of frying, your kitchen probably smells like whatever you cooked, or whatever oil you used to cook with. To freshen it up again, grab some of your favourite spices, add them to a little water and simmer them slowly on the stove while you do something else.

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The Kitchn notes that simmering some of your favourite spices is a great and simple way to make a custom air freshener that you actually like, and it can mask unpleasant cooking odours at the same time. They specifically suggest citrus peels, cinnamon and cloves, although you can go to town with whatever spices you prefer. Just make sure they're whole spices (obviously not ground) and simmered in just a little water over low heat.

The longer you leave them, the better the smell, but they suggest about a half-hour for the best bang for your buck. We mentioned doing it after cooking, but they suggest doing it before guests arrive as well. Hit the link below for more deodorising tips.

Five Tips for Getting Rid of Cooking Smells [The Kitchn]


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