Popcorn Time Adds Free VPN

Popcorn Time Adds Free VPN

Torrent streaming service Popcorn Time has convenience on its side, but not privacy, as torrents could be tracked. A new release adds VPN functionality to keep your movie watching private.

Popcorn Time’s big hook remains its Netflix-style (but completely copyright infringing) interface built around a torrent back-end that streams movies direct to you, rather than waiting for the entire movie to download.

The original release team disbanded, but that hasn’t stopped the open source client from being further developed, including the recent release of an Android client.

The latest 4.2 release brings with it VPN services provided by Kebrum that should anonymise users of the service at the cost (as with all things VPN) of some download speed. It’s Windows-only and still in alpha, and as such may be on the buggy side.

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