Peel An Entire Bag Of Potatoes In Under A Minute

It's the weekend, and you have 20 friends and family members coming over for a cookout. You don't have any time to waste peeling bags of potatoes by hand. YouTuber Peter Stephan shows us how you can peel an entire bag of 'em in 60 seconds flat.

As you can see in the video above, this trick requires a bucket, a power drill with a brush attachment at the end and a hose. Place the potatoes in the bucket, insert the drill extension and fire it up. Spray the bucket with the hose to keep the potatoes swimming and to help remove the skins. In a matter of seconds, the entire bucket should be completely peeled. Just drain the water and wash them off.

Quick way to peel new potatoes [YouTube]


    Very cool, I guess you could just get a toilet brush (new!) and remove the handle for the brush attachment?

    As a youngster in 1956, I attended a National Fitness Camp on the Gold Coast. A group of us volunteered to help in the kitchen. They had a machine that worked in much the same fashion and that was something I had never seen before, being a "country lad" - LOL! Thanks for bringing back that memory. The idea is great too, by the way!

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