Pebble 2.2 Update Adds Volume Controls

Pebble 2.2 Update Adds Volume Controls

The latest update for the Pebble smartwatch adds volume control, app shifting and for iOS users, iBeacon compatibility.

Like previous Pebble updates, it should detect a necessary update when you next launch the Pebble app from your Android or iOS device, and then update your Pebble or Pebble Steel from there. There’s also an accompany update to the iOS app which Pebble notes is needed to access the new firmware.

New features include volume control, accessed by holding select while in the music app, sortable apps within the Launcher menu and a longer alarm vibration time, now set to ten minutes instead of one.

iOS users who update the app as well gain iBeacon support so that the Pebble is aware when it’s in proximity to an iOS device. Pebble’s claim is that the battery drain from this feature is negligible.

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