Parallels Access 2.0 Brings Android Support And iOS File Browser

Parallels Access 2.0 Brings Android Support And iOS File Browser

The updated version of Parallels Access brings the service to Android tablets for the first time, as well as a significant price chop for businesses and private users.

When it first launched, Parallels Access was an iPad-only client that allowed you to access remote desktop applications from your tablet, albeit with a little difficulty, as is common with many touch-based virtual desktop clients.

The 2.0 release appears — at least based on a very small amount of trial time — to smooth over those issues, with improved keyboards, more precise magnification and selection tools (dubbed “Smart Magnification” and “Smart Tap” respectively by Parallels) and Wake on LAN functionality to boot.

It also jumps to the iPhone and Android clients — Parallels representatives tell us that any Android tablet running Android 4.0 or better should work — although the new file browser is at launch an iOS-only feature. Android is “being worked on”, we’re told.

The updated client for Parallels access makes the pricing more palatable; the previous version cost $54.95/year or $5.49/month per connected machine, whereas Parallels Access 2.0 will cost $24.99 for a one year subscription or $43.99 for two years. There’s no longer a month-by-month subscription plan available, but you can trial the software for 14 days.

Business pricing starts at $49.99 per year for five computers, with higher volume discounts available for more than 100 client PCs if required. The business offering, Parallels Access for Business will be available for free for unlimited users and computers until 31 July.