Locl Is An Aussie Alternative To eBay With No Seller Fees

Locl Is An Aussie Alternative To eBay With No Seller Fees

Locl is a new mobile marketplace that allows users to buy and sell products without attracting any fees. You can also put big-ticket items up for auction, including cars and houses. Check out the video to see how it works.

If you’re sick of eBay’s escalating seller fees or remain leery over its blemished security record, new start-up Locl could be worth a look. Officially launched in Melbourne three weeks ago, the app reportedly has thousands of users already.

The idea behind Locl was to make an app like Gumtree and Ebay that was “easy enough for our mums to use” (their words, not ours). Unlike most online auction sites, it has a strong social component with a chat window built directly into the app. This allows buyers and sellers to chat in real time about items for sale.

“Locl allows users to have conversations with each other and is built to handle real-time, in-app chatting that behaves just like SMS without revealing personal details such as contact numbers and emails,” the app’s co-founder Nir Davidson explained in a statement.

“Because there are no fees attached, people are actually listing their homes and cars on Locl. It has so many features that Gumtree and Ebay are missing, like key social elements.”

Much like eBay, the service allows both new and used items to be sold. Users can also set up price alerts for specific products and keep tabs on their preferred sellers. You can also restrict results to only show items within close proximity: handy if you don’t like paying postage fees.

In typical Australian style, there’s also a built in ‘haggle’ button: if you think an item is too expensive you can make a counter-offer from within the interface.

Locl is free to download and is currently available for iOS devices only. An Android version is apparently “coming soon”.

Locl [iTunes App Store]


  • Never mind Android – what’s their web site?
    How do I access them from my PC?

    Are you seriously telling me the ONLY way to access them is – via mobile phone app?

  • Hey @sa_penguin I’d welcome feedback on Oddswop (my startup). It has just recently gone into beta across Australia… we’re doing it the other way around with web first and then mobile (I know it’s backwards but we’re doing it MVP style). Check it out via http://www.oddswop.com

    • @yvonneh actually i find the way you’re doing it far more efficient/scalable as:

      A. It doesnt just limit people to taking pictures with phones
      B. Inbuilt data security

      Ill elaborate for point B, think about the process for Locl:
      You snap it with your phone and the app is automatically available to update the relative information. This is a great convenience but what stops people from taking pictures at random?

      With your solution you snap the photo’s and have to go to a PC to upload. While this doesn’t eliminate the threat of people just randomly snapping photo’s and creating sale listings later it does add an extra step in, which will make it less likely that people will go through the effort to do so.

      C. With your existing architecture you can simply use a framework such as phonegap to port your existing solution to an App. Why is this significant? Because it means any significant change reflected in the web solution will also be reflected in the app automagically. Not having to create/tweak a custom API, will save both time and money.

      Furthermore it allows you flexibility, so for example should you have a craftsman just wanting a simple e-commerce setup. Charge that person a premium and then perhaps provide that person with the app.

      My only criticism/concern thus far is the fact that you’re using Oauth, BE VERY CAREFUL.

  • How could the article writer not include whether it has a website or not and if it doesnt how could the makers not have one, I really dont enjoy looking for products on my phone, sure I do it when I have to but to not have a website is business suicide.

  • Don’t these developers realise how far Android has overtaken Apple in terms of number of users globally? And not even having a website, restricts their audience even further. It doesn’t look promising.

  • what a silly article.
    Why would they want to write an article about something which isnt even ready?
    when somebody reads something like this and they search for LOCL, they expect to see what it is.

    and yes, if they have not worked on a website then good luck.

  • I’ve used the app and love that I can do it all from my mobile, as opposed to taking pics and then transferring them to my computer to list. I also love the design as it’s more like Pinterest and feels more intuitive than other classified options. I also like that I can set up alerts for stuff I might be looking for, which means I don’t have to spend ages trawling through stuff that isn’t my colour/ size/ specs etc.

    I’d never thought to look for a website, but there is one – http://www.loclapp.com/. I think the stats show that we’re more mobile than ever (and definitely they need to release an Android version!) and so having apps, as opposed to websites, to make life easier, is the way of the future. Imagine what people said when classifieds first migrated from the Trading Post/ other print media and onto websites… probably not too dissimilar comments to what’s been said here about web v app 🙂

    And if we’re going to compare it to existing platforms, one of the biggest draw cards for me as a young female is that I’ve been able to talk to sellers (and buyers) through the app, and I don’t have to give them any details I’m not comfortable giving.

    Sorry, have gone on a bit but I love innovation and constantly improving the way we do things and think this is a great example of that.

  • Thank you so much for your interest in Locl!
    I am one of the co-founders of Locl and just wanted help shed some light on a couple off the items raised above in the comments.
    Firstly, our website is http://loclapp.com 🙂
    Secondly, by Locl’s very nature, it needs to exist exclusively on Smartphones to leverage features like their GPS/compass amongst other things to provide a hyperlocal experience. That is what helps set us apart from other buying/selling sites and apps. Our users enjoy a different Locl experience at home, work and anywhere in between, as you are always presented with a different window of offers available nearby based on your location.
    We are also super-social with an instant messaging feature built-in, which feels native on mobile platforms.
    We are hard at work on a brilliant Android version and cannot wait to release it!

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