Learn To Code Games With Your Kids This Long Weekend

Club Engineer is a not-for-profit organisation that provides free online coding lessons for adults and children. Its latest initiative is the Write Your Own Computer Games program, which aims to teach kids about the building blocks behind gaming via the programming language Pascal.

"Playing computer games is OK, but writing your own game to play, then distributing it to your friends is so much more fun," Club Engineer explains on its website. "In this course we learn the basics of programming using a commercial language by writing a simple game. This languages is tough - but once mastered, there is little limit to what can be achieved."

The online tutorial includes talk-throughs for every step of the process; from installing the required software tools (FreePascal and Lazarus) to programming your first playable Pong game; complete with audio. All the talk-throughs are available on the Club Engineer website, as well as YouTube.

The site is also running a school holiday promotion in late June/early July. In addition to the Pascal tutorial, there are also lessons centering on robotics with a focus on the NXT-G programming language that comes with Lego Mindstorm kits. You can find out more about both Club Engineer courses in the video below:

[Via Club Engineer]


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