Learn One Fact About A New Contact For Better Networking

Learn One Fact About a New Contact for Better Networking

Talking to a new person for the first time is difficult, but having an engaging conversation with that person the second time is even harder. Small talk won't do, so web designer and MBA student Amey suggests learning one fact about any person you meet.

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The point of networking isn't the first meeting, it's that you will get to call on that person again. The basic advice here is to make your first encounter about getting information for the follow-up, which is an essential part of good networking. To do that, Amey learns one interesting fact about anyone he meets, whether it's that they just had a baby or that they love eating out:

The next time you see that contact bring up the fact, and then let them run away with the conversation. People love talking about themselves. Over time, the conversations will get more personal, you will learn more about the contact, and it will be even easier to communicate. A more effective relationship will develop.

A person is more likely to do a favour for someone that shows interest in what he or she likes. It creates a connection. The "one fact" tip helps speed along the connection time.

Remembering that one fact is key to this trick, so apart from committing it to memory, it's probably a good idea to write it down somewhere, such as the Notes section in your phone book.

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