Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted Chromecast down under, cheaper petrol and better privacy, and a Game Of Thrones episode that didn't exist. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Pirate Reminder: No Game Of Thrones This Week
    Around the world, thousands of Game Of Thrones fans are currently hitting the refresh button on their torrent site of choice, wondering why the latest episode hasn't appeared yet. If you're in the same boat, don't panic — HBO hasn't found a way to protect its cash cow from online piracy (yet). Instead, the show is just on a one-week hiatus. Phew.
  2. Chromecast Released In Australia, Costs $49
    So this news had effectively leaked in advance, but now it's official: Google's Chromecast streaming dongle has gone on sale in Australia today for $49. You can pick it up from the Google Play Store, JB Hi-Fi and Dick Smith.
  3. The KFC Double Is Back! Back! BACK!
    A new global obesity study was released today, which found Australasia to be the most obese region on Earth. With perfectly executed timing, KFC has announced the triumphant return of the Double burger. But you'll need to get in quick — it's only available for four days.
  4. Ask LH: Why Do I Get Quizzed When I Buy Painkillers?
    Hey Lifehacker, When I have a raging headache and I go to the chemist for some Nurofen Plus, the last thing I need is for some teenager to interrogate me about what I need them for. As far as I'm concerned it's none of their business whether I intend to take them as directed or freebase them in a primary school playground — I'm an adult purchasing a legally-available product.
  5. Can Someone Take Pictures Of You In Public And Publish Them?
    In Brisbane, at one of the city's main intersections, a local photographer gets into position to take snaps of the city's passing parade. In photographing people who make their way along city streets, he is of course following in the footsteps of famous artists such as Robert Doisneau and Henri Cartier-Bresson. But according to some of those whose pictures have been taken, he is also invading their privacy and causing them acute embarrassment and distress.
  6. Ask LH: Is It Worth Paying Off My HELP Debt More Quickly Now?
    Hey Lifehacker, As a recent university graduate I was a bit miffed by the Federal Government's proposed Budget changes to the indexation of HELP fees from CPI (around 2% per annum) to the Treasury Bond Rate (around 5.5% per annum) from 2016.
  7. Bowser Tips For Cheaper Petrol Prices
    Petrol is getting too expensive — and prices are only going to get worse. Instead of reverting to the horse-and-cart, here are a handful of simple bowser strategies that will help to keep petrol prices more manageable.
  8. Lowest-Price Guarantees Are Usually A Crock
    Most retailers like to boast that their prices are "unbeatable" — often going so far as to provide a guarantee that you won't find cheaper prices anywhere. But how often is this actually the case? If last night's expose on The Checkout is anything to go by; hardly ever.
  9. The Best Self-Hosted Alternatives To Popular Services
    Most of us use services like Gmail, Feedly and Instapaper to get through the day — but that means giving up privacy and locking into a service you don't control. Hosting your own services at home used to be reserved for nerds, but it's easier than ever. Here are the best services that you can host yourself.
  10. Top 10 Ways To Defeat Distractions And Get Your Work Done
    No matter how zen you are, it can be hard to focus on the work in front of you — especially when it's something you don't want to do. Unfortunately, even a quick distraction can derail your productivity, so here are 10 tips to help you get down to business when it matters most.


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