How Your Age Correlates To Interest From The Opposite Sex, With Charts

How Your Age Correlates to Interest from the Opposite Sex, With Charts

Men are always into younger ladies, amirite? Played out comedy trope or not, age is inevitably a factor in how we choose a partner. This data collected by dating service Coffee Meets Bagel examines the relationship between age and sexual or romantic interest.

Many of the findings in the data are not terribly surprising. As you can see in the chart above, men overwhelmingly prefer women who are younger than themselves. The "Threshold of Creepiness" (which marks the less-than-scientific half-your-age-plus-seven rule) seems to also mark roughly where men found women most attractive.

On the other side of the gender lines, Coffee Meets Bagel found that women seemed to favour men their own age or slightly older.

How Your Age Correlates to Interest from the Opposite Sex, With Charts

Unsurprisingly, the younger a man is than a woman, the less favourably she viewed him. The harshness with which a young man is viewed is almost as stark as how favourably a younger woman is seen. For example, 24-year-old women rated 22-year-old men — a difference of only two years — the most poorly of any age group. According to this data, if you want to attract a 24-year-old woman, you have a better shot if you're 32 than 22.

That's not to say that the sexy older man trope is your best bet, either. While much older may be better than slightly younger, the most positive age range is the same or slightly older.

As with any data, though, it's easy to take the first assumption and run with it. Coffee Meets Bagel follows up this initial analysis with advice nearly everyone in the dating pool could use: despite what the data says (or perhaps because of it), you are more than just your age.

How Your Age Correlates to Interest from the Opposite Sex, With Charts

While the site's blog post suggests that the reason men find younger women more attractive is due to fertility (whereas women would find older men more attractive due to potential caretaker status), the above chart demonstrates a key point, regardless of the reason for these distributions. Even if younger women and older men are more attractive to the opposite sex, it's only one of many factors.

Unfortunately, age is one of the few factors we can't do much about. We can attempt to look younger or older, but we can never actually be that age. That darker block in the chart above, though (and the correlating block for men) can be played up, enhanced, or improved on. If you're a data nut, it may help to narrow your dating search to the age ranges you might find the most luck in, but don't neglect the most important dating advice of all: be someone worth dating.

You can read more about Coffee Meets Bagel's findings, with several more charts at the source link below.

The Biological Reasons Why He or She is Not That Into You [Coffee Meets Bagel]


    What a shame we all die by the age of 41.

      Yes. Apparently at 46 I'm dead to every woman on the planet... Oh well.

    Hi ! my name is Johnny, Mr Depp to you, I'm 51 and I call this bullshit, g'day to you now.

      Money and fame are attractive, especially to women. This is not news to anyone.

        Well apparently he was voted the sexiest man? Being sexy is not all about fame and money, it helps but there is something else there.

          "voted" sure, I'll believe some magazine "article" on who's the sexiest man.
          I disagree. Fame and money make JD much more attractive than he would be otherwise. He might still be attractive without those things but nowhere near as attractive as with them, to think otherwise is naive.

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