Google's Queen's Birthday Sale: Cheap Books, Movies And TV Shows

While it's the Queen's Birthday long weekend for most of Australia, it's a normal Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the US (and WA). It's always nice, then, when a company such as Google uses it as an excuse to hold a sale, in this case for Google Play, so if you're not spending the extra day outside, you can use the additional time to enjoy a discounted movie, book or TV show.

Spotted by Ausdroid's Daniel Tyson, Google has tossed up a special page showcasing the sale, as well as separate categories for discounted music albums, films and books.

The cheapest options start around the 90c mark and as Tyson points out, you can pick up the first episode of several TV shows for 99c, so you can decide if you want to unload a larger amount for whole seasons.

Unfortunately, the sale seems to cover media only, with no apps included.

Queen's Birthday Bargains [Google Play, via Ausdroid]


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