Google Adds A Rainbow To LGBT Searches

Google Adds A Rainbow To LGBT Searches

In honour of LGBT Pride Month, Google’s adding a colourful rainbow to contextually appropriate searches that contain the words “gay”, “lgbt”, “lesbian”, “transgender”, or “queer”.

Google hass commemorated Gay Pride Month in previous years with various flags and colours; this year’s variant adds a kaleidoscopic rainbow banner to contextually sensitive terms, which means you’ll get it when you search for “Gay Rights” or similar, but not for (as is always the classically cited counter-example, if you must), 1934’s The Gay Divorcee.

Gay Google (2014) [Google Operating System]


  • Looks good. They should add it to regular searches too (maybe via a URL), but then they’d get accused of “teaching kids to be gay” by the Helen Lovejoy sorts (“Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?!”). The ones who believe ‘the gay’ is something you can catch and that multi coloured playground equipment are making gayness okay.

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