Get Microsoft Office For $15 From Your Employer

Don't want to pay full price for Microsoft Office or sign up for an Office 365 subscription? You may be able to buy the full version for just $15 if your employer has volume licensing .

We've covered ways to extend your Office trial before, but that's a temporary solution at best. With the Microsoft Software Assurance Home Use Program you can get a legtimate copy of Office without any workarounds. Your employer's licence for Microsoft products allows you to buy your own copy for $15. You'll have to ask your IT department for an official Microsoft Program Code in order to register for the benefit. Once you register with your work email address, you'll be able to buy Office Professional Plus 2013 for PC or Office for Mac 2011 for $15.

It's a sweet deal if your workplace qualifies (though that may not be the case if your employer has moved to Office 365). Since it's registered to your work email, be sure to save the install code. Once you lose access to your work email, you won't be able to reinstall the program without that code. I've had friends learn this the hard way.

Microsoft Home Use Program [Microsoft via MakeUseOf]


    I got my copy of Office 2013 by using a Windows Live email address, not sure if this is still possible though.

    Education dept in WA has a deal where you can get the full Adobe CS6 web premium suite for $12.95 and Microsoft office from $7.95.... But if you have the notebook for teachers leased laptop you get these for free....

    for people that don't need office all that much there is also office live, free online office, i haven't played with it much, but it seems to do the job.

    Note that the license is only valid while you remain with the employer (as I found it recently)

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