You Can Now Get 'Breakfast' Pizzas From Domino's

A couple of weeks ago, we reviewed KFC's new breakfast range and joked that we wanted to see Domino's come to the brekkie table too. Well, it appears that someone at the fast food chain heard us: introducing the Aussie All Day Breakfast Pizza.

The Aussie All Day Breakfast Pizza is the latest addition to Domino's pizza menu range. It comes with crispy rasher bacon, scrambled eggs with special seasoning and smoky BBQ sauce.

“If our customers wake up feeling like Bacon and Eggs we want to be able to give them Bacon and Eggs!” the company said in a statement. "If they come home late at night and feel like Bacon and Eggs we want to be able to deliver them Bacon and Eggs – that’s the beauty of the all-day Aussie brekky pizza!"

Hmm. Is it just us, or does this look suspiciously like a regular 'Aussie' pizza with breakfast branding slapped on top? We queried Dominio's about what makes the pizza different. Apparently, it features "new-and-improved" egg.

Despite the moniker, the Aussie All Day Breakfast Pizza is only actually available during Domino's regular opening hours, which generally starts at 10:30am. In other words, it's more of a brunch pizza really.

The Aussie All Day Breakfast Pizza is available to order from today (Monday, 2 June) and is part of the cheaper 'traditional pizza' range. Stay tuned for the obligatory Lifehacker taste test, coming soon.


    Nice!!! Always loved the Aussie Pizzas with egg on them and also loved "weird" pizzas (had one which had spag bol on it, it was awesome) so this could be good...key word being "could"

    Ordered this tonight and have to say the only good part was the bacon and side of garlic bread I ordered with it. I've deft had better Aussie pizza before. Like tomato brothers or pizza capers

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