Design In Real Life To Encourage 'Serendipity'

There are countless computer-based design tools intended to make life easier. According to NewDeal Design's Gadi Amit, doing so can rob a project of serendipitous discovery.

Picture: Getty Images Gadi Amit was in Sydney last week as part of the Vivid Festival, and I had the chance to sit down with him for a half hour chat. As part of the discussion, he opened up about why he prefers to work with his team in the absolutely physical realm.

"An interesting point about design and creation is serendipity. The ability of a group of people to experience their initial idea and to jump around and change and modify it and so on.

Within the space of CAD, two things happen. First you create the object, and you're following a well determined path. Second you're working with yourself and only with yourself; it's very hard to collaborate.

So the serendipity of somebody, your mate coming in and looking at the sketch and saying "hey, you know, it's actually upside down" — which happens — is immensely influential. Unbelievable effect of just that change. I still believe the human hand in terms of sketching, or creating a foam model is a lot faster and lot more effective than CAD by a long shot. I mean orders of magnitude."


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