Dealhacker: Steam Sale Encore

It's the final day of the Steam sale, and that means that many of the best deals from last week are reappearing. If you haven't already wasted obscene gobs of money on PC games during this sale, this is another chance to do so.

Lots of good titles here at 75 per cent off (Dark Souls, Arkham Origins and Skyrim for starters). The sale around 0300 Tuesday AEST, so you'll still have time to spend up when you get home. (Not that we're endorsing spending huge sums of money on games. But we suspect you're already ignoring us and building a shopping list.)



    I did very well this time around. I only bought two games - Rocksmith 2014 and Unreal Tournament 2004. I've been playing the living crap out of both of them, so money well spent.

    But I don't know if I spent less because I was well behaved, or if I already owned a bunch of the games already in there (60 games and counting :| )

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