Convert Your Loyalty Cards Into Keyring-Sized Cards

Convert Your Loyalty Cards Into Keyring-Sized Cards

Loyalty cards can quickly clutter your wallet. Here’s an easy way to convert them from full-sized cards to keyring-friendly alternatives.

Since most of these loyalty cards work off a bar code instead of a magnetic strip, Instructables suggests cutting out just the bar code strip, punching a hole, and putting that on your keyring. You may need to write the store name on the opposite side of the card if it isn’t visible. Hit the link for step-by-step instructions.

Keychain Loyalty Cards [Instructables]


  • You can always ask for the temporary cards and throw them away to save even more space and for stores not to track your spending habits.

  • If you’re trying to save space (and carry a smart phone) why keep the physical card at all?

    I keep clearly labeled images of the bar code side of the cards in a folder within my image gallery; it’s quick and easy to access (especially if you place a shortcut on your home screen), takes up no space in your wallet OR on your key-ring, and works just fine. 🙂

  • Instead of this I use an app called Key Ring, puts the barcodes on my phone! Fully works too!

  • Not bad, but I use some bar-code printing software to re-print (just) the codes onto a single sheet. Without trying too hard, I’ve managed to get three original-sized codes for each side of a standard card, thus replacing/removing 6 cards (3 codes x 2 sides) from my wallet.

  • not sure I want to hand over my keys at Caltex so they can scan my Woolies card

  • Not to be ‘that guy’ but you know that the Woolworths rewards cards have keyring sized versions that come with them. Have one I keep in the glove box for if we go into Caltex stations.

    I get the intention of the article, just not the best example 🙂

    • I and everyone in my immediate family have had Everyday Rewards since it started, and I’ve never seen a keyring version of the card? Maybe it’s only a recent inclusion.

  • EDIT: Since I can’t delete this comment space, I may as well re-use it.

    Luckily, I rarely encounter a situation where the cashier can’t just ring up my loyalty card details at the register whether I have my card or not.

    “Do you have a Dymocks Booklovers card?”
    “Uh, yes but I don’t have it on me at the moment sorry.”
    “That’s okay, can I get your surname?…and first name?…can I confirm your phone number/current address? Yep, all good.”

    That obviously doesn’t work for all situations (like the Woolies example above) or for stamped cards at takeaway/cafes, but it’s frequent enough that I can leave most cards at home.

  • I’ve tried to use my phone and the scanners didn’t register the barcode. Cashier told me the scanners have been configured to not read phones due to an issue of staff sending a photo of their staff ID to friends.

  • Yeah I’ve never been able to get the scanner to read a barcode off of my phone screen, it’s really frustrating! I don’t want to carry all those cards, and I always end up going to the shop I specifically don’t have the card for that day.

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