Continue Applying For Jobs After Good Interviews To Keep Morale Up

Continue Applying for Jobs After Good Interviews to Keep Morale Up

If you have a good job interview (or two) with a company, it's tempting to sit back and wait for their decision. But if you want to prevent yourself from agonising while they make that decision, HR worker Swapna Peter suggests you simply keep applying for more jobs.

It sounds like common sense, but anyone who has had a stellar interview knows that it's incredibly easy to just sit back and wait for a response. That's the last thing you want to do though, and Peter offers three steps to take instead:

  1. Remember every company has different recruitment process. There is no hard and fast rule that the company will respond after these many days. Some take weeks or months. However I assume that silence after 6 weeks or so mean "no". There are exceptions; sometimes the company may even call after 3 — 6 months.
  2. Move on as soon as you are done with interview. Don't keep thinking, it just means to accept the reality and keep moving on.
  3. Continue to apply for other jobs while waiting for the response. This way you are protecting yourself even if the initial company says no.

So, the next time you find yourself worrying over an interview, remember that you're better off getting back to it and applying for more jobs.

Why Don't you MOVE ON After Interviewing? [LinkedIn via 99U]


    i'm going through the whole job interview process at the moment, the moment I get out of an interview and am home i'm back to applying for jobs regardless. If I land a job before the other company gets back to me because of a drawn out interview process then it's not really my issue
    job interviews are about landing a job for YOU, in this day and age of drawn out hiring processes employers most likely expect to miss the boat in some cases
    I always keep good potentials in the back of my mind if I thought the interview went well, but until everything is signed on paper with HR you don't have the job

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