Cloud Patches: Managing AWS From vCenter

Last week in cloud computing: AWS adds management capabilities for vCenter, and organises a pop-up store. Yes, really.

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  • VMware vCenter now includes an AWS Management Portal, so you can manage EC2 instances directly from within the environment. You can also important existing VMware images directly into AWS using the tool.
  • Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS) has added a new instance type, R3, designed for memory-intensive workloads. Right now R3 is available on version 5.6 of SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL; support for older versions and Oracle will come later.
  • Pop-up stores for fashion chains and hamburger joints are common, but we don't see them so often in technology. However, Amazon is opening what amounts to a pop-up store in San Francisco from 4 June to 27 June, offering technical sessions and hands-on labs. I'd be tempted, but sadly I have no plans right now to visit SF this month.
  • If you missed it last week, our writeup on Microsoft's more aggressive approach to requests for government data from its services, including its cloud services, is well worth checking out.

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