Chromecast Support For VLC On iOS Is In The Works

Chromecast, Google's video streaming widget, officially arrived in Australia last month. If you've been looking for the perfect app to partner with it, iOS users will be pleased to learn that the developers behind VLC are working to add support for the device.

Felix Paul Kühne, the app's lead for the aforementioned platform, confirmed that Chromecast functionality is on the way, so users will be able to use VLC to stream content to the widget.

Unfortunately, no timeline was provided for the feature, though Kühne did mention that the PC, Linux and Mac builds of VLC should eventually have Chromecast support also, but added it "will take a bit longer" as it's not as straightforward as integrating it into the iOS version.

Chromecast [VideoLAN forums, via GigaOm]


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