Change Your Twitter Username Without Losing Followers

Change Your Twitter Username Without Losing Followers

If you’ve decided that your Twitter username is not quite right, there’s a way to change it and ensure you don’t lose followers along the way. You can keep your old username and simply forward people to your new account.

If you just jump in and change your Twitter username, of course, there is the risk that people will not be able to find you — just think of all of the online references to your old account. You could create a new account instead, but this would mean building up a list of followers from scratch.

I recommend keeping your old username as a “forwarding page” to your new account — but make that the new account with zero followers. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Create a new Twitter account using a second email address. Be sure to choose the username you want to use long-term.
  2. Log into your old account and temporarily change the username to something different. Head to the Edit Profile section of your account and just add some random letters to the end of your existing username.
  3. Log into your new account and change the username to the newly freed up name you were using for your first account.
  4. Return to your ‘old’ account and change the username to the one you used in the first step.

Then, you can edit the profile text associated with the old username so it serves as an forwarding page for you new account — perhaps even send a tweet between the accounts so anyone looking for your old username gets directed to the new one.

Check out full details and further explanation at the Web.AppStorm article.

How to Change Your Twitter Name Without Losing Any Followers [Web.AppStorm]


  • Or you could just do the first half of step 2: “change the username to something different”. Twitter will automatically change your followers over to the new account.

    If you’re worried that people will look for you in the future under the old username, then just create a new account with that name and point them to the new one.

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