Briefly: Watch Dogs Review, Migraines Explained, Red Viper Redux

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: the science of migraines explained, how Game Of Thrones' Red Viper vs. Mountain match should have ended, Watch Dogs: the Kotaku verdict.

  • Apparently, Watch Dogs is now the fastest-selling fresh IP in video game history — but is it actually any good? According to Kotaku's official review, not especially.
  • Why do people get migraines? And what, if anything, separates them from a really bad headache? Allow Gizmodo to drop its science on those assembled.
  • Big W is selling 12x24in (30x60cm) panoramic canvas print for just $33; a saving of $55. You can also get range of even larger prints at reduced prices: perfect for hanging up those nudie travel photos. [Via: OzBargain]
  • Which browser's users are the most porn-crazed? Click here to find out!
  • By now, most of you have seen this week's Game Of Thrones episode and squealed your way through the climactic trial by combat. Here's how it should have ended. (Spoilers ahead.)


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