Briefly: Top 10 Movie SFX Of All Time, Project Morpheus Hands-On, World Cup Sickies

The top 10 practical special effects of all time

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: The Top 10 movie special effects of all time, weird and wonderful facts about the cast of Game Of Thrones, hands on with Sony's virtual reality machine.

  • This week, Gizmodo got its hands on Sony's Project Morpheus virtual-reality headset. Click here for their first impressions.
  • Did you know that Peter Dinklage once featured in Seinfeld? Or that Tyrion's mistress Shae used to be a porn star in real life? These and other weird factoids can be found over at POPSUGAR Australia Celebrity.
  • These days, most "special effects" are nothing more than greenscreen trickery and overproduced CGI. Once upon a time, most of the magic on screen actually took place in front of the camera. This video celebrates 10 of the best practical movie effects of all time.
  • The FIFA World Cup is about to kick off once again, which means people all around the country are going to start chucking sickies. This Business Insider article takes a look at the dates when Aussies are most likely to be staying up late...and calling in sick the next day.
  • Dick Smith is throwing another 'Hour of Power' sale with new bargains springing up on its website every 60 minutes. Current deals include the iPhone 5C 32GB for $769 (Save $100), the Go Pro hero3+ black editon for $428 (save $100), the LG Mini Home System CM4630 for $249 (save $150) and the PlayStation 4 for $488 (save $60). The sale ends at 8pm tonight. For more online deals, head to our Hump Day Bargains post.


    It's no use advertising hump day sales the day after the offers expire.

    " The sale ends at 8pm LAST night. "

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