Briefly: iiNet Hits Back At Village Roadshow, Cheap PS4, Healthy Chips

Brief new items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: iiNet returns fire at Village Roadshow in online piracy stoush, 10 healthy chip recipes, get a PlayStation 4 for $469.

  • Yesterday, Village Roadshow accused iiNet of lying about the nature of online piracy. Now, the ISP has hit back with some choice words of its own. “Mr Burke is obviously concerned about the increasing threat to his ‘middle-man’ status by the changes in technology," iiNet’s Stephen Dalby responded. "Piracy is wrong. We don’t condone it. But it’s not our job to fix." Read the full story at Gizmodo.
  • Video games are often about war. Sunset is no exception, but it features no guns of any kind. Instead, the player takes on the role of a housekeeper in a war-torn South American city. Intrigued? Head to Kotaku for more details.
  • In other gaming news, you can currently get a PlayStation 4 from Catch of the Day for $469 — that's a saving of $80. You also get a free $20 voucher. The deal is valid for tonight only.
  • Nothing can doom a diet like the crispy, crunchy craving for chips. Rather than ditch this snack for good, POPSUGAR Health & Fitness has found some healthy alternatives. Click here to get the recipes.


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