Briefly: Cheap Wii-U, WA Versus Game Ratings, Cellulite Hacker

This map shows where the most famous Marvel characters are from

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: WA considers banning R18+ video games, get a Wii-U with Mario Kart for $178, the origin of every Marvel superhero.

  • Western Australia is reconsidering the way it classifies video games, with a recent report suggesting games rated R18+ should be banned outright from sale. Read the full report at Kotaku.
  • In other gaming news, here's everything you ever wanted to now about Doom in one video.
  • The Marvel universe sure has a lot of superheroes; each with their own planets and/or hometowns of origin. This illustrated map shows where they all came from.
  • K-Mart is currently selling the Wii U Mariokart 8 Premium Pack for $178. Bargain!
  • Dimply skin is adorable on teeny baby bottoms, but when we find it on our own, it's just not cute. Here are 25 things you need to know about cellulite, courtesy of POPSUGAR Health & Fitness.


    The Wii U deal isn't guaranteed - they're only offering the Mario Kart 8 Premium bundle if they don't have any Basic units/Skylander packs left, and you still have to get a staffer who will process it, and a store that has stock. Check out the OzBargain thread in the link for back-up evidence to take with you when you go in, if you want a better chance of getting the Mario deal. But even the Skylanders one is about 60% off the standard price for a Basic unit, so if that's all you can get, you're still doing well :)

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