Briefly: Village Roadshow Slams iiNet, Win A Chromebook, Women In Video Games

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Tropes Vs. Women sticks the boot into background video game characters, Village Roadshow CEO: iiNet is lying about piracy, best cosplay from Supanova Sydney.

  • Are female video game characters becoming more complex and layered, or are they still little more than sexualised decorations? Tropes vs Women investigates.
  • Australia’s piracy crackdown is coming: it’s just a matter of when. The latest fightin’ words come from Village Roadshow CEO Graham Burke, who has accused iiNet of lying to hamper the anti-piracy movement. “What iiNet are saying to govt is ‘oh, let’s just have everything available at the same time, cinema and everything and the [piracy] problem will go away. They know that’s a lie because of the music industry,". Burke said "In June alone there was 1.2 million illegal downloads of music, and that’s released at exactly the same time everywhere.” You can read the full story over at Gizmodo.
  • In conjunction with VMware, we're giving away two Dell Chromebook 11s! To find out how you can win, click here.
  • This year's Supanova Sydney produced some truly epic cosplay (indeed, my Facebook feed is still filled with it). Here's a video of the coolest creations captured by a 360 degree Matrix-style camera.
  • We're not big fans of Click Frenzy here at Lifehacker, but some of you seem to enjoy it. There's currently an hour left to snap up a bargain — deals include 85 per cent off health and beauty products at Chemist Warehouse, discount wines from Dan Murphy's, $800 off Asus' Taichi Dual 11.6in Laptop/Tablet and 70 per cent off towels from Sheridan Outlet. Click here to see the full list of deals. Also be sure to check out Hump Day Bargains.


    Why do I always click on links if there is a picture of boobs? Am I sexist?

      Nah, Lifehacker is just click-baiting. Happens across the internet.

      Nah, just your standard misogynist

      I even watched the video, I don't know why


    I clicked for the articles :)

    Any CEO, in this case Village Roadshow's Graham Burke, that can't speak or write correct English, and accuses a company (iiNet) of lying when it is only making a prediction, is not worthy of my respect.

    I expect better from someone like that. I expect him to use correct grammar for a start, so that I don't mistake him for an illiterate idiot. And I expect him not to use inflammatory language, so that I don't mistake him for an illiterate thug.

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