XBMC 13.0 ‘Gotham’ Improves Sharing, Settings And Speed

XBMC 13.0 ‘Gotham’ Improves Sharing, Settings And Speed

The newest version of XBMC, the kickass customisable media center software, is here — with lots of new features for desktop and mobile users alike.

XBMC 13 has a laundry list of new features and improvements, including:

  • Improved speed on Android and the Raspberry Pi, as well as Android hardware decoding;
  • Support for 3D movies in SBS, TAB, anaglyph, and interlaced formats;
  • Gesture controls for video playback and navigation on touch screen devices’
  • Improved UPnP sharing, including advanced library browsing and the ability to “send” a video to play on another device;
  • Improvements to audio on all platforms, better support on Linux;
  • Simpler, tiered settings for beginners and experts, along with descriptions of what each setting does.

Hit the link for the full rundown on new features, and important notes on upgrading. Remember — back up your system before you upgrade (especially if you use a lot of add-ons)!

XBMC 13.0 Gotham Rises [XBMC Blog]


  • Loaded it on my HTPC last night and made sure all of my addons were updated (make sure to backup your userdata folder before upgrading just in case). Runs great so far, does seem a little quicker and works better loading certain videos. Keen to try out the uPnP sharing to other devices when I get a chance.

  • I have a question, I’m new to XBMC but If I connect my TV up to a raspberry pi with XBMC. Can I then use my phone my XBMC or MS Surface as remote?

  • Could you guys do a guide for Mediaportal as well. I have it setup but would love to see if there is anyway to improve/tweek it.

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