'Work Won't Remember That Weekend You Didn't Give It. Friends Will.'

The weekend approaches, but will you end up working anyway? Entrepreneur Naomi Simson offers a nice reminder for the workaholics about striking that work-life balance and getting your priorities in order:

As Simson says:

Work won't remember that weekend you didn't give it. Your friends will.

I worked weekends on many occasions. One weekend a good friend from university was coming to (town) only to see me. But IBM had asked me to work that weekend. I struggled to choose between them, trying to work out if I could do both. I couldn't. So I told my employer I could not work. Dwin and I had a great weekend exploring the city. He is the godfather to my daughter and we see each other regularly. IBM does not remember that I did not work that weekend. Dwin would always have.

It's easy to get caught up in your work and lose sight of why you are doing that work — for the people in your life. Simson urges being more proactive with your friendships, and if you are a workaholic, you might want to start with setting boundaries.

If I Were 22: Work Won't Remember that Weekend You Didn't Give It. Your Friends Will. [LinkedIn] Photo by Dafne Cholet.


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