Use This Spreadsheet To Ensure You Sell Your Car For The Most Money

When it comes time to sell your car, you want to make sure you get as much money as possible without pricing yourself out of a possible sale. Use this simple spreadsheet to make sure you've accurately assessed the value.

Picture: Jason Goulding

Available in both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets formats, the spreadsheet walks you through the key steps in assessing your car: grabbing a basic Redbook value, examining current sales prices online for similar models, and then determining your own price.

The spreadsheet is part of a much more detailed guide to selling your car put together by a Brisbane car detailer, which includes links to how to obtain roadworthy certificates for every Australian state and is worth a read. We liked this observation on the psychology of detailing your car:

Never state that the car has been freshly detailed; you want to portray that you always keep it clean and tidy. When potential buyers were inspecting my cars, they would say "wow, it's clean" or "looks spotless". I would say "Really? It's a bit dirty at the moment…" and flick a tiny bit of dust off a seat. Works every time.

Selling your car online [Scrubs Car Detailing]


    Seriously? A spreadsheet for a few basic steps?

    1) Check the official pricing guide
    2) check whether the official guide is correct for your local market
    3) place your car on that scale based on it's mileage/condition

    How is that news to anyone?

      Hi rbev,
      I agree there is nothing new in the comparison spreadsheet from the eyes of an experienced seller or buyer for that matter. The idea of the spreadsheet is to engage the new or inexperienced sellers in thorough research. Literally filling in the spreadsheet may help the new or nervous seller, set a realistic list price based on their local market.

    I dont like the fact that he states someone who is buying a car without physically seeing it is a scam. I have bought to cars interstate without physically being there, relying on photos and owner over the phone to establish condition.
    If anything I was trusting them more than they were trusting me.

      Hi plunks,
      Your right in that there are plenty of genuine interstate buyers, and I don't actually state that anyone who hasn't seen the car is a scammer. Rather that if they offer more than the asking price without inspecting the vehicle. This of coarse is very generalised and there are plenty of exceptions. I suppose the idea behind this section is to create a sense of alertness to the inexperience seller, to avoid getting suckered into a dodgy deal.

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